Within the Quality Policies established by Cabo Blanco Fresh, one of the important ones is the Conservation of the Environment.

For this we have developed a Conservation Plan that includes an intense program of training personnel and the implementation of more friendly techniques.




The first actions we take: 

  • Good agricultural practices according to Global Gap and Tesco NC standards.
  • Reduction the use of pesticides and fertilizers. To achieve this, sampling and chemical analysis of soils and foliars, systematic sampling of pests and diseases, use of thresholds of action, increase the use of alternative products such as microbiological or natural origin, breeding programs in partnership with producers of Seeds more tolerant to pests and diseases, among others.
  • Total prohibition of fire, burning of trash and crop stubble without permission of the Ministry of Agriculture.
  • Inventory of fauna and flora in the areas surrounding the fields of production.
  • Mapping of vulnerable areas such as rivers, mangroves, etc. And houses of room near, with their respective signage in the field.
  • Finally, and in order to be consistent with our environmental conservation purpose, we opted for the certification of the Producers Group with compliance with the Rainforest Alliance standard, through which we submit to its strict guidelines.



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