The melon, Cucumis melo L., is a plant of the family Cucurbitaceae, originating in tropical Africa. This species is very desirable for its fruits, although its seeds, leaves and flowers are also consumed (FAO, 2012; National Research Council, 2008).

The greatest economic importance stems from the commercialization of its fruits. The melon has been grown for commercial purposes in Costa Rica since the last century. It begins to grow melon in the cantons of Nicoya and Carrillo, also in the area of Barranca, Puntarenas, and marketed in exclusive stores of San José.

It is considered that 85% of the melon produced in Costa Rica is dedicated to exports and the remaining 15% is sold in the domestic market


The melon is characterized to be a crop cycle letter where the first crop is obtained around 60 days after sowing, for which inspections must be carried out to make it in a timely manner. In the canopy of the Cantaloupe melon, it requires greater care, because the timely harvest time is narrow.

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